TAIMI MINI wall bars **2 quality**

Upplyft Mini birch wood - birch wood wall bars
Upplyft mini wall bars
upplyft mini wall bars
Upplyft mini wall bars
Upplyft mini wall bars
Upplyft Mini 1 wall bars
Upplyft Mini birch wood - birch wood wall bars

TAIMI MINI wall bars **2 quality**



This is a 2-quality product because the product does not fully meet FitWood’s strict quality requirements. For this product, 2-quality can mean one of the following:

  • The product has small scratches
  • There are cosmetic defects in the surface treatment of the product

TAIMI MINI wall bars are a kid-sized version of our TAIMI wall bars. The TAIMI MINI is a bit shorter and narrower to fit the scale of other kids’ furniture and of course, the dimensions of the mini users. Despite their smaller size these wall bars can still hold up to 150 kg of weight so the whole family can enjoy them.

Wall bars are an excellent way to get the entire family active. While being a great piece of exercise equipment for adults, wall bars are also an exceptional tool for kids to develop their mobility, coordination, balance, and strength. Not to mention the endless hours of fun they can provide for the whole family!

Climbing fulfills kids’ natural built-in need to learn new things. Climbing up the wall bars allows kids to see and explore their environment from a new perspective. Learning to climb is a wonderful way to get physically active and build kids’ confidence.

The wall bars become even more versatile when combined with the ULPU MINI gym rings. Kids love hanging, swinging, and learning new tricks with them!

The frame of the TAIMI MINI wall bars is made of sustainably sourced birch plywood and the rungs are solid birch wood. For more detailed information and measurements check out “Additional information”.

TAIMI MINI wall bars are designed in Finland and made in the EU. They are designed to support an active lifestyle without compromising on design or sustainable values.

The wall bars are mounted through two support boards to the wall. The package includes screws that are suitable for mounting the wall bars to the most common types of concrete walls or wooden studs behind a plasterboard wall. Please make sure that you use screws that are suitable for your walls. FitWood always recommends hiring a local professional to install the wall bars to ensure proper and safe mounting.

Please note that slight bending spares the joints of the wall bars when they’re used often. Kids should only use the wall bars under adult supervision.

You can find detailed instructions for mounting, assembly, and safe use of the wall bars from the user manual. Download it here!



Additional information


19 kg


68 cm


In the upper section 30 cm
In the body 12 cm


190 cm

Weight limit

150 kg


Massive birch wood, birch wood


There is no warranty for 2 quality products.



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