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Return policy

Return of product or products

1. Non-business customers have a return and exchange right covering a 14 day period (including weekends and holidays; not including collection day) starting immediately from the time the package was delivered or collected. The item must be returned or exchanged at the latest on the next working day following the 14th day. For example, if the 14th day is on a Saturday, the item must be brought or mailed no later than the following Monday.

2. The mail order right of return only applies to unused and in sales condition. During the returns period the buyer has the same right of access to the product to try it out as if they were buying from a shop. Consumers also have the right to open the packaging to test and experiment with the items without losing the right of withdrawal. They cannot, however, use the product.

3. The right of return does not apply to products that cannot be sold once opened.

4. For business customers there is no right of return or right to cancel orders on specific products.

5. The return fee is 14.95€ for returns of less than 3kg and 29.95€ for returns of 3kg or more. 

6. The time of purchase or collection shall be deemed to be the day on which the package was delivered or collected from the transportation company, or alternatively, the date on the receipt. The customer is obliged to prove the date on which the package has been received, by using, for example, transport company’s consignment note.

7. If, in an exceptional circumstance, FitWood Ltd. accepts an unsellable or incomplete item, or the return period is exceeded, at least 25% of the product’s price will be deducted as own expenses.

8. Definitions of acceptable condition for product returns:

a) Item is in the original packaging (well-packed) without any additional markings or scratches.

b) It is accompanied by a copy of the receipt or dispatch note.

c) The return is made no later than 14 days from date of purchase.

9. The cost of ineligible returns are charged to the customer according to the current price list.

10. Incomplete returns will be sent back at the customer’s expense.

11. A product’s right of return is always product-specific. A possible delivery delay for another item does not result in a longer return period for the product.

12. We do not redeem shipments where the delivery is unpaid, COD or on credit (returns or warranty repairs). Returns and warranty repairs must be either returned to FitWood Oy in person or shipped using the customer return service provided by FitWood’s customer service. FitWood Ltd. is not responsible for delivery costs associated with other 3rd part delivery methods or returns made from abroad.

14. When a customer ships something to FitWood Ltd. they must remember to package it well and in a durable way. FitWood Ltd. does not accept the return of a product if it is not packaged in an acceptable manner.

15. Products submitted incompletely or without reason for warranty service will be sent back at the customer’s expense.

16. The cost of ineligible returns are charged to the customer according to the current price list. Returns are deemed ineligible if the product is intact and it is not covered by warranty or return period, or the terms of the return / repair warranty are not otherwise met. Searching for a defective product / part from a parts package results in a separate payment. We will also charge third party expenses not covered by the guarantee, such as repair estimates.