Worldwide Shipment

FitWood is proud to announce its first Norwegian partnership with Tikommani. With this alliance, the company has cemented its presence in the Scandinavian countries even as it continues its push into central Europe. Tikommani offers the full line of FitWood products, including its TROLLSTIGEN Wall Bars and SNÖBLOCK Training Table — the newest product additions to a company on the move.

Emil Ramlert, FitWood’s Scandinavian Business Leader, stated: “It was great speaking to Lars and I know he expects the best from his business and the businesses he works with. We’re looking forward to having a great platform in Norway to promote high quality and sustainable fitness equipment.“

Tikommani is a customer focused online fitness retailer headed by CEO Lars Vaggen Kanedal. Similar to FitWood’s leadership, Kanedal launched Tikommani after spending decades in the fitness industry. It is a quickly evolving online shop, with new products being added all the time.

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