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Ceiling bracket 50 cm

ceiling bracket
ceiling bracket
ceiling bracket

Ceiling bracket 50 cm



FitWood ceiling bracket has been designed to be used with HJØRUND or HJØRUND MINI gym rings or to hang a swing, climbing ropes or for example aerial yoga silk from the ceiling.

The bracket is made of steel and has been painted white. For more detailed information and measurements check out “Additional information”.

The ceiling bracket does not come with bolts, as you need to choose them to fit the specifics of your ceiling material. We recommend that you use bolts instead of screws to attach the bracket. The bracket needs to be attached to the supporting structure of the ceiling. FitWood always recommends hiring a local professional to install the ceiling bracket to ensure proper and safe mounting.

Check all the attachment points before every use. FitWood is not liable for any possible accidents or damages that are caused by improper installation of the ceiling bracket.

The ceiling bracket has a warranty of two years (one year for semi-commercial and commercial use).


Additional information


5 cm / 1.97"


64.8 cm / 25.5"

Distance between hooks

50 cm / 19.7"

Inner width of the hook

2.60 cm / 1"

Width of the bolt holes

10 mm / 0.4"




Two-year warranty for private use.



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