LUOTO climbing arch

(28 customer reviews)
LUOTO climbing arch-birch - rocker
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
climbing arch
tuohi slide ramp
tuohi slide ramp
tuohi slide ramp
tuohi slide ramp
LUOTO climbing arch
LUOTO climbing arch
LUOTO climbing arch-birch - rocker

LUOTO climbing arch

(28 customer reviews)



LUOTO climbing arch is a multi-functional kids’ furniture. It has been designed to support active play and diverse development of gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength. Climbing fulfills kids’ natural built-in need to learn new things and learning to climb is a wonderful way to get physically active and build kids’ confidence.

As mentioned, LUOTO also has many other functions beyond climbing. It can be used as a rocker, play fort, baby gym, goal, kids’ table, toy storage or as a side table.

When turned upside down LUOTO climbing arch works as a rocker – perfect for little pirates to voyage in or to be used as a dreamy naptime nest. For this use we recommend getting the KAURA cushion which makes the use of the arch as a rocker safer and more comfortable.

In addition to working as a climbing arch in its original arch position, LUOTO can also be used as a play fort, a goal or as a baby gym. Cover it with a blanket and place a cushion (like KAURA) underneath to turn it into a play fort or hang sensory stimuli from few of the top rungs to turn it into a baby gym. In its arch position LUOTO also works as a perfect indoor football goal or as a goal for pretty much any fun games the kids might come up with!

When turned on its side, so that the backboard of the arch is facing up, the climbing arch can be used as a table. Place it against a wall to act as a side table or combine with a small stool to use it as a kids’ activity table for painting, crafting, and playing.

If you turn the arch on its side, so that the backboard is facing the floor and push it against a wall (or another LUOTO arch), it becomes a toy storage. Great for big stuffed animals or for pillows and blankets!

The age range for using the climbing arch is 0–9 years:

  • 0–12 m/o can use it as baby gym, rocker or support for crawling and learning to stand
  • 1–5 y/o can use it as climbing arch, rocker, play fort, goal etc.
  • 6–9 y/o can use it as table, rocker, play fort, goal etc.

As a side table the LUOTO works for kids and adults of any age!

The frame of the LUOTO climbing arch is made of sustainably sourced birch plywood, and the rungs are sustainably sourced aspen. KAURA cushion is made of 97 % recycled fabric (84 % recycled cotton, 13 % recycled polyester and 3 % cotton – Standard 100 by Öko-tex) and it is filled with 100 % recycled EcoSuperSoft filling (may contain individual down feathers).

For more detailed information and measurements of both the climbing arch and the cushion, check out “Additional information”.

You can choose from four different color variations of the LUOTO climbing arch:

  • birch
  • white
  • white – birch
  • black stained

Please note that the birch color of the LUOTO climbing arch has been treated with a sheer wax to enhance the natural light tone of birch wood.

The KAURA cushion is currently available in a sand color option.

LUOTO climbing arches are designed in Finland and made in the EU. KAURA cushions are designed and made in Finland. Both are designed to support an active lifestyle without compromising on design or sustainable values.

Please note that slight bending spares the joints of the climbing arch when it’s used often. Use the climbing arch on a non-slip surface. Young kids should only use the climbing arch under adult supervision.

KAURA cushion can be washed in 40°C with a delicate wash cycle.

You can find detailed instructions for assembly and safe use of the climbing arch from the user manual. Download it here!

LUOTO climbing arch has a warranty of two years (one year for semi-commercial and commercial use). Also, we do our best to provide spare parts even after the warranty has expired.

KAURA cushion has a warranty of two years (one year for semi-commercial and commercial use).


Additional information


10 kg / 22 lbs


100 cm / 39.4''


60 cm / 23.6''


54 cm / 21.3''

Weight limit

60 kg / 132.3 lbs


Climbing arch: birch plywood, aspen

Cushion: 97 % recycled fabric (84 % recycled cotton, 13 % recycled polyester and 3 % cotton – Standard 100 by Öko-tex)
100 % recycled EcoSuperSoft filling (may contain individual down feathers)


Two-year warranty for private use.


28 reviews for LUOTO climbing arch

  1. mlippy27

    Amazing! Super easy to put together, has perfect wood, solid build. The cushion is so well-made and super fluffy! Highly recommend!

  2. Ke

    The item is beautiful and shipping is surprisingly fast! Assembly is straightforward enough, my son loves it!

  3. Kathleen

    Exactly what I was looking for. The shipping was very fast and the piece is sturdy and looks like it will last a long time which is perfect since this will grow and develop with my son.

  4. Lisa

    I’m so happy we went for this brand, the quality and the design are amazing. And it’s easy to put together.

  5. alyssaville

    This piece is so cute and well made! My daughter ( 4 years old) immediately flipped it over and started climbing on it and then directly after made herself an epic fort underneath with all her stuffed animals! A win for sure! It was super easy to assemble, just a few screws, but you do need a special star shaped Allen wrench. Shipping was also super fast, we got the rocker in about 5 days and the cushion arrived separately a few days after. I did not realize the cushion was shipping separately so I contacted the seller who responded right away to me, then I was a bit embarrassed because the same day I reached out the cushion arrived in the mail. So keep in mind if you get the cushion, it will ship separately, so have no fear!

  6. travisbix

    This is a winner with the kids.

  7. Ewa

    We are very happy with the Climbing Arch. The quality and attention to details are exquisite. The arch was easy to build (even my boys had fun helping out). It looks sturdy and reliable. we ordered it with a cushion, which again did not disappoint. Just perfect. We are super impressed with the design, which will transition well from a rocking bed for a newborn, climbing arch for a toddler, to a desk when things settle 😉 Love it and recommend.

  8. Elise

    The article completely corresponds to the description of the ad. The wood is very beautiful. The arch is easy to mount. The cushion is as soft as it appears in the photos. We had fears about the delivery but it was done quickly and with a good follow-up. However, we have not been informed of the day of delivery. Fortunately we were present. We are very satisfied with our purchase, which already delights baby.

  9. Prémila

    Super! My daughter loves it!

  10. Minjun

    This rocker is amazing! We love the design and great quality!! It’s perfect for my little guy!!

  11. Alis

    Great quality and super easy to assemble. Shipped fast and looks just like the photos. Gorgeous.

  12. Jorden

    beautiful! my kids love it!

  13. sejarvis522

    This rocker is well made and easy to assemble. My kids helped assemble by handing me the rods and twisting them on. Then they played with box while I finished up. They love using it in their imaginary play. It’s been a pirate ship, a secret fort, and a lemonade stand…

  14. rajatsingh24k

    Either we lost one screw or it didn’t come with it. Either way the product is solid. Pretty unique. If you an adult you might not find this comfortable to sit in but seems pretty good for kids. My son is 17 months old and I just keep an eye on him when he’s playing on this! When he’s using it as a ‘rocker’ I watch his feet because I’m always worried they get crushed under the frame when rocking. So far, even though his foot would be at the edge the size of this thing prevents that from happening. I would still not leave my son with it but while in the same room, watching while he’s playing, this thing is OK. It feels it would be more fun for him when he’s a little older but I’m glad I bought it. For anyone who cares, the cushion is nice but not firm. So maybe use a rubber pad under to cushion it better. Still 5 stars

  15. Nicole

    Simply great quality optics haptics and was very well received!

  16. Jasmine

    I’m so happy with this purchase! I got this for my daughter who is currently 5 months old and I use it as storage for all of her stuffed animals as shown in one of the model pictures and it’s so cute! I can’t wait for when she’s older and can use this in every way shown, the possibilities are endless! Everything is really sturdy, the quality is amazing, the wood is beautiful and shipping was really fast considering how far it came, thank you so much 😊

  17. Leah

    Loved it. It was really well made!

  18. valcurro

    Beautifully made, arrived as expected and matched description and picture. Nice piece of furniture, would highly recommend.

  19. Tiffany Brothers

    Exactly how it’s presented in photos! Our kids love it

  20. fedrigo

    We are very pleased, this product is high quality, easy to assemble and delivery was quick. Our daughter is 8 months and the rungs are perfect for her little hands to grasp and stand. We only wish we had got it sooner! Highly recommend!

  21. Tess

    This is great quality!! So easy to put together and my daughter (11m) loves it so much and will love it for years to come.

  22. Stacey Grahl

    amazing . my son has autism and loves this rocker. the cushion is very soft and u can not feel the pegs when sitting on it. very happy with this

  23. ngaubys

    Wonderful and great quality 🤩

  24. Tracy

    This rocker was of high quality. Very well made from quality materials. It matches the description and all of our expectations. My granddaughter loves it!

  25. Katie

    Beautifully made! The kids love it!

  26. Jan Gumpler

    The climbing arch is made flawlessly, with high quality and precise woodworking, the product is clearly made for long-term use. A versatile product with excellent price-quality ratio.

  27. Daniel

    I love the versatility and beautiful design!

  28. Sophie

    Our 5-year-old really enjoys the climbing arch. The versatility of the product is absolutely amazing and because it can be used in so many different ways, I’m sure it will last long in this household, even when our child grows up. The arch is also beautiful and fits into our home nicely.

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