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The M-ROLL 35 massage roller fits your home (or suitcase) beautifully. Made from firm graphite-grey foam, the roller works as an aid for self-massage and muscle recovery.

Select your favourite colour and finish for the plywood ends of the roller from the menu below and join us for improved health and well-being with Scandinavian style and design!

59 €

Inspired by Scandinavian nature, the M-ROLL 35 massage roller has been developed and manufactured for self-massage. Besides the good functional qualities, the massage roller is also beautifully designed and doesn’t need to be hidden away after use. 

The massage roller is made from firm, shape-holding graphite-grey polythene foam discs, which make the roller suitable for sustained and hard use. The 35 cm long massage roller is small and fairly lightweight, so it also fits in a gym bag.

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The ends of the massage roller are sealed with birch plywood disc. The product can be identified by a label in the centre of the plywood disc.

Select your preferred plywood colour and finish from the menu.

The M-ROLL 35 – A massage roller completely manufactured and designed in Finland.

Join our team and start massaging with the M-ROLL massage roller!


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 35 x 12 x 12 cm
Wood surface

Glazing white, White paint, Wood surface

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General review5.0
User Experience5.0

This is a lifesaver. Getting a back massage with your own bodyweight is great. I really recommend this. I would have given 4,5/5 stars because of the high price, but since you can give only full stars I have to give 5.

I recommend!

General review3.0
User Experience5.0

Nothing wrong with the product but looked better in pictures. Not worth its price. Wanted to support Finnish manufacturer.

I recommend!

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