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The M-ROLL 35 massage roller fits your home (or suitcase) beautifully. Made from firm graphite-grey foam, the roller works as an aid for self-massage and muscle recovery.

Select your favourite colour and finish for the plywood ends of the roller from the menu below and join us for improved health and well-being with Scandinavian style and design!

59 €

Inspired by Scandinavian nature, the M-ROLL 35 massage roller has been developed and manufactured for self-massage. Besides the good functional qualities, the massage roller is also beautifully designed and doesn’t need to be hidden away after use. 

The massage roller is made from firm, shape-holding graphite-grey polythene foam discs, which make the roller suitable for sustained and hard use. The 35 cm long massage roller is small and fairly lightweight, so it also fits in a gym bag.

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The ends of the massage roller are sealed with birch plywood disc. The product can be identified by a label in the centre of the plywood disc.

Select your preferred plywood colour and finish from the menu.

The M-ROLL 35 – A massage roller completely manufactured and designed in Finland.

Join our team and start massaging with the M-ROLL massage roller!


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 35 x 12 x 12 cm
Wood surface

Glazing white, White paint, Wood surface

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General review5.0
User Experience5.0

I recommend!

General review5.0
User Experience5.0
Superior for the firmer material and beautiful craftmanship

I have been using the M-ROLL 35 Massage Roller for many years, as have clients at Bodystudio, many of whom have purchased one for their own home use. These FitWood rollers are superior to any others I have used because they are made of firmer material and beautifully crafted. They are worth every penny as they last a long time while also continuing to look like new. This smaller size is easy to use and store, for this reason I find most of our clients will order this M-ROLL 35.

I recommend!

General review5.0
User Experience5.0

This is a lifesaver. Getting a back massage with your own bodyweight is great. I really recommend this. I would have given 4,5/5 stars because of the high price, but since you can give only full stars I have to give 5.

I recommend!

General review3.0
User Experience5.0

Nothing wrong with the product but looked better in pictures. Not worth its price. Wanted to support Finnish manufacturer.

I recommend!

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