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M-ROLL 85 pilates roller **2 quality**

FitWood M-ROLL massage roller
FitWood M-ROLL massage roller
FitWood M-ROLL massage roller
FitWood M-ROLL massage roller
FitWood M-ROLL massage roller

M-ROLL 85 pilates roller **2 quality**




This is a 2-quality product because the product does not fully meet FitWood’s strict quality requirements. For this product, 2-quality can mean one of the following:

  • The product has small scratches
  • There are cosmetic defects in the surface treatment of the product

The M-ROLL 85 is a stylish Pilates roller suitable for self-massage, and its longer length makes it perfect for relaxing, full-body roll-outs. The roller is made in Finland and inspired by beautiful nature. The surface material of the M-ROLL 85 is firm, making it suitable for intense massage, yet thanks to its length it is also suitable for light stretching and roll-outs.

The Pilates roller is constructed from polythene foam discs with a graphite-grey colour. This material is long-lasting and will not shrink. The foam’s lightness makes the massage roller easy to handle; the material’s robustness gives the roll its solid structure.


The ends of the Pilates roller are sealed with birch plywood discs. The product can be identified by a label in the centre of the plywood disc.

Select your preferred plywood colour and finish from the menu.

The M-ROLL 85 – A Pilates roller completely manufactured and designed in Finland.

Join our team and begin to massage with the M-ROLL Pilates roller.


Additional information


1.2 kg / 2.65 lbs


85 cm / 33.5"


12 cm / 4.7"


12 cm / 4.7"



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