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The M-ROLL 85 Pilates roller brings well-being to every home and doesn’t need to be hidden after use. The roller is 85 cm long and made from firm plastic foam suitable for both intense massage and lighter stretching.

Select your favourite colour and finish for the plywood ends of this graphite-grey massage roller from the menu below and join our team in the joy of Scandinavian quality and design!

89 €

The M-ROLL 85 is a stylish Pilates roller suitable for self-massage, and its longer length makes it perfect for relaxing, full-body roll-outs. The roller is made in Finland and inspired by beautiful nature. The surface material of the M-ROLL 85 is firm, making it suitable for intense massage, yet thanks to its length it is also suitable for light stretching and roll-outs.

The Pilates roller is constructed from polythene foam discs with a graphite-grey colour. This material is long-lasting and will not shrink. The foam’s lightness makes the massage roller easy to handle; the material’s robustness gives the roll its solid structure.


The ends of the Pilates roller are sealed with birch plywood discs. The product can be identified by a label in the centre of the plywood disc.

Select your preferred plywood colour and finish from the menu.

The M-ROLL 85 – A Pilates roller completely manufactured and designed in Finland.

Join our team and begin to massage with the M-ROLL Pilates roller.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 85 x 12 x 12 cm
Wood surface

White paint, Wood surface

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General review5.0
User Experience5.0

The best roller I have used, the quality of the materials give it a firmness that make much effective than foam rollers. It is also not as bulky so easier to use/manoeuvre. I have both the half and full length rollers now. They look attractive and are made with good design in mind, so I can leave them in view happily, which I would not do with a foam roller! A fabulous product, backed up with excellent customer care.

I recommend!

General review5.0
User Experience5.0
Very Good!

Very good at loosening tight muscles because it is so hard. In active use. Wide roll really good for older grandpa. High-quality, polished product.

I recommend!

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