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NUPPU rocking horse

NUPPU rocking horse



NUPPU is a rocking horse unlike any other. Its soft and fun abstract form allows it to be used both ways, so it can also serve other purposes. When turned upside down, NUPPU transforms from a rocking horse into a small desk and bench or a kid’s nightstand.

As a rocking horse, NUPPU builds up children’s confidence and develops their body control through the regulation of the rocking motion and speed. Over time and repetition, kids will learn how to control the back-and-forth motion with their bodies and be able to try out the limits of how fast they dare to go. When it is time to switch to less intense activities, the rocking horse can be flipped over easily to be used as a small station for doing calming activities, such as playing with play dough, building puzzles, or exploring books. To maximize the use of space and the longevity of the product, the desk and bench have been designed to also double up as a convenient kids’ nightstand.

NUPPU rocking horse is made in the EU from sustainably sourced, high-quality birch plywood. It is available in a natural birch color or painted white.

You can find detailed instructions for assembly and safe use of NUPPU rocking horse from the user manual. Download it here!


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 78 × 58 × 6 cm

6,9 kg / 15.2 lbs


75 cm / 29.5''


50,8 cm / 20''


40 cm / 15.7''

Weight limit

25 kg / 55 lbs


Birch plywood

Age recommendation

1-3 years


Two-year warranty for private use.



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