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Straps for gym rings

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HJØRUND gym rings
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Straps for gym rings




FitWood straps are designed to be used with HJØRUND or HJØRUND MINI gym rings. The stylish and durable FitWood straps can be used to attach the gym rings to the ceiling or for example to TROLLSTIGEN or UPPLYFT MINI wall bars.

The strap length is 5 meters (adjustable up to 2.5 meters). Recommended installation width for the gym rings is approximately 50 centimeters. You can find detailed measurements easily under “Additional information”.

The straps have two different color variations you can choose from:
• white with beige FitWood logo
• black with white FitWood logo

The straps are sold in pairs.

FitWood straps have a warranty of two years (one year for semi-commercial and commercial use). Also, we do our best to provide spare parts even after the warranty has expired.


Additional information


2.5 cm / 0.98"


500 cm / 198.8"

Weight limit

150 kg / 330 lbs



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