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For 200 years, Swedish Wall Bars have been one of the best tools for bodyweight and gymnastic training. FitWood brings wallbars to contemporary homes with modern Scandinavian design, and improved functionality and experience.

  • Modern Scandinavian design — lovely element as part of interior decoration
  • Sustainable Baltic wood — designed and produced in Finland
  • Perfect for kids — a flawless combination of exercise and play
  • Space saving home gym for the whole body — feel better by exercising and stretching when spending time at home!

759 €

TROLLSTIGEN Wallbars offers two features in one: a multifunctional home training and a stylish decoration element.

FitWood is a Finnish export-oriented company that makes internationally superior products. If you’re looking to make home fitness a centerpiece in your home, look no further. The TROLLSTIGEN Wallbars are especially for those of you who value high quality, excellent functionality and attractive design. These elements play a key role when you’re planning a long lasting purchase:

  • Modern Scandinavian design — fascinating design lovers globally
  • Excellent functionality due to EU model protected upper section
    • Versatile exercise and position options
    • Better feel
      • Ideal 30 mm thickness for the best grip — similar to powerlifting bars
      • Round shape in the handles gives a firm and natural grip compared to a thick/oval bar
      • Slight bending spares joints when training a lot
    • Optimal distance from the bars for chin/pull ups and for stretching or abs when facing the opposite way
  • High quality sustainable materials from Finland — gorgeus finishing
    • Bars: massive birch wood
    • Legs: glued massive birch wood
    • Upper section: birch plywood
    • High level surface finishing with attractive color options!
  • Designed and made in Finland

The TROLLSTIGEN addresses two major problems found in traditional wallbars. First, the positioning and shape of the pull-up bar: horizontal distance from the rack has been extended for comfort and clearance. Second, a single horizontal crossbar must be large and oval-shaped to prevent breaking — uncomfortable. The solution, U-shaped loops, allows for perfectly circular handles with the dimensions of a standard powerlifting bar, with the warmth of natural wood.

Useful information

  • Weight limit: 150kg (330lbs) total, or 100kg (220lbs) per side
  • Measures: Height 220 cm, Width 78 cm, Depth in the upper section 54 cm and in the body 12 cm
  • Weight: 21.5 kg net, 24 kg gross — delivered in two 12 kg parcels
  • Warranty
    • 2 years for home use
    • 1 year for semi commercial and commercial
  • Mounting: Through upper and lower support list to concrete wall or light panel wall beams. There are screws and anchors included into the packages, but you will need your own tools
  • Adult supervision required

Training tips

The TROLLSTIGEN Wallbars has something to offer for every trainee, from beginners to heavyweight athletes and gymnasts — also, for the whole family:

  • Stretching and mobility for back, legs an arms
  • Hanging abdominal exercises and sit-ups
  • Chin ups and pull ups
  • Push ups and assisted push ups
  • Supported one leg squats
  • Calf raises
  • For advanced: muscle ups (if ceiling height allows), human flags
  • By attaching resistance bands: various pulling and pushing moves for hands and legs, rehabilitation, assisted pull ups…
  • By attaching kids or Olympic gym rings: bodyweight rowing and chest moves, dips, various strength and balance exercises for legs

You can get some inspiration by watching in the video below how ice hockey pro Aleksander Barkov and 14 y/o girl — Team Finland gymnast Iida-Maria Vänni — “battled” on the wallbars.

Activating the whole family

Are your kids developing their mobility skills enough? Turn screen time into play time on days when the park isn’t an option. There’s never been a better way for your child to have a blast while building coordination and strength — all within the comfort of your home. For the grown ups the challenge is to arrange time for a workout in the middle of the busy daily life. The beautiful TROLLSTIGEN wallbars offer a great way to improve your muscle strength and mobility on a regular basis while spending more time at home.

We’ve developed this functionality without compromising our vision of Scandinavian design — something traditional wall bars don’t have. With a combination of CNC Machining and traditional handcrafting, the TROLLSTIGEN is compact and attractive. Most importantly, it offers the best Wallbar training experience available today.

Get the best for you and your family — you will feel the difference!

Weight 21.5 kg
Dimensions 54 x 78 x 220 cm

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