The UPPLYFT Wallbars offer a versatile sports equipment for whole family and an impressive interior design element in the same package.

UPPLYFT is our second model of the Swedish wall bars and the most significant difference between our famous TROLLSTIGEN wallbars is the design and function of the top of the wallbars. The Tampere-based FitWood develop the products with customers and the goal of the company is to make products superior in international comparison. These simplified wallbars combine stunning design and functionality. The UPPLYFT is made of birch and every part has been finished professionally.

Available in the following colors:

  • Frame: White – Bars: Birch
  • Frame: White –Bars: White
  • Frame: White –Bars: Black
  • Frame: Black –Bars: Black
  • Frame: Black –Bars: Birch
  • Frame: Pink – Bars: Pink
  • Frame: Grey – Bars Grey

Choose your favorite color and order now!

399 €