The UPPLYFT Wallbars offer a versatile sports equipment for the whole family and an impressive interior design element in the same package.

UPPLYFT is our second model of the Swedish wall bars and the most significant difference between our famous TROLLSTIGEN wallbars is the design and function of the top of the wallbars. The Tampere-based FitWood develop the products with customers and the goal of the company is to make products superior in international comparison. These simplified wallbars combine stunning design and functionality. The UPPLYFT is made of birch and every part has been finished professionally.

Available in the following colors:

  • Frame: White – Bars: Birch
  • Frame: White –Bars: White
  • Frame: White –Bars: Black
  • Frame: Black –Bars: Black
  • Frame: Black –Bars: Birch
  • Frame: Pink – Bars: Pink
  • Frame: Grey – Bars: Grey

3 990 kr

Useful information

  • Weight limit: 150kg (330lbs) total
  • Measures: Height 220 cm, Width 78 cm, Depth in the upper section 30 cm and in the body 12 cm
  • Weight: 18 kg net, 21 kg gross — delivered in one parcel
  • Warranty:
    • 2 years for home use
    • 1 year for semi-commercial and commercial
  • Mounting: Through the upper and lower support list to concrete wall or light panel wall beams. There are screws and anchors included in the packages, but you will need your own tools
  • Adult supervision required

Traditional wallbars are one of the best tools for body weight training and gymnastics. FitWood brings them to homes with excellent functionality and user experience.

  • Modern Scandinavian design
  • Designed in Finland and made in EU
  • Excellent for kids – combines play and fitness
  • Multifunctional home training and a stylish decoration element.

Training tips

  • Stretching and mobility for back, legs and arms
  • Hanging abdominal exercises and sit-ups
  • Push-ups and assisted push ups
  • Supported one leg squats
  • Calf raises
  • For advanced: muscle ups (if ceiling height allows), human flags
  • By attaching resistance bands: various pulling and pushing moves for hands and legs, rehabilitation, assisted pull-ups…
  • By attaching kids or Olympic gym rings: bodyweight rowing and chest moves, dips, various strength and balance exercises for legs

Perfect the whole family for a long time

Do you want to activate yourself and your family to move? With wallbars, exercising at home is easy and effortlessly, when the stylish wallbars can be at the most central place at your home. For kids, the wallbars offers a great place to climb and play while developing coordination and muscle strength.  For adults, the wallbars offers an opportunity for a healthier and more sporty lifestyle in the middle of a busy everyday life as versatile and stylish sports equipment are available immediately at your home.


Björkträ, Grå trä, Pink trä, Svart trä, Vit trä


Björkträ, Grå trä, Pink trä, Svart trä, Vit trä

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