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Finnish fitness startup FitWood of Scandinavia is determined to disrupt the home-fitness industry. Operating for approximately one year, their goal is to differentiate themselves with a laser focus on Scandinavian interior design, high quality, and use of sustainable Finnish birch wood.

In 2017, their eyes are set on the North American market.

So far, the company’s products have included FitWood’s own take on existing home-fitness tools revamped for sustainability and good looks.

Two new releases are planned for Q1 2017. They include company’s own take on traditional Swedish wall bars and a FitWood-designed training table — a coffee table that doubles as a multifaceted home fitness device. Their goal is to create a new class of home fitness equipment: “fitness furniture” with a clean Scandinavian look that blends harmoniously with modern homes.

The new releases are in cooperation with NHL star Aleksander Barkov, born in Finland, who plays for the Florida Panthers.

“I’m proud of the new products, they bring a lot of new possibilities into exercising at home,” Barkov stated. “For me it is important, that with them you can do traditional exercises which bring actual results. I can stand behind these and in addition they represent values which are important to me. As being raised in Finland in the same town with the company, it was an honor to get on board.”

FitWood uses Finnish birch wood as the main material in their products, stating that the long winters and short summers of Finland result in an exceptionally durable variety of birch. The company ensures quality through small production runs and a close relationship with local suppliers. All of their products are produced using Finnish materials and labor, and their location means they are held to demanding Finnish environmental and labor standards.

“Our task to create a new category into the global fitness equipment market and lead that category is really challenging,” said FitWood CEO Matias Kukkonen. “We are fighting against the existing standards in the industry ruled by gigantic multi national companies. Naturally we need to get the right people with us in this meaningful task. Aleksander is a great person and a talented hockey player who has terrific chances to have a long successful career in the NHL. Having a guy like him backing us encourages us to continue our determined work to open the global markets while making the world a little bit better place.”

The aim of the company is to provide customers an alternative to mass-produced fitness products. Production, FitWood claims, is often outsourced to low-cost countries and mass produced using unsustainable business practices and unethical labor — contributing to global pollution, non-biodegradable waste, and human suffering.

FitWood’s focus on Scandinavian design, quality, and sustainability are qualities the company believes will stand out in a crowded marketplace. Investors seem to think so too: in 2015, the company raised nearly 0.4m euros in an initial investment round. This is the largest amount raised by a company operating in Pirkanmaa, a region in central Finland with a population of 500,000.

Prototypes of the company’s new products were revealed to the public at Helsinki Biohacker Summit on Friday 18th November, and will go forward on Kickstarter January 04 2017.

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