Budo & Fitness starting as new retailer in Sweden

FitWood of Scandinavia has acquired a new retailer in Sweden following a round of spring negotiation. Budo & Fitness is a brick and mortar and online retailer, with stores across Sweden. It has operated since 1992, and is a country leader in the sale of martial...

A conversation with FitWood’s CEO, Chairman

  1. Your job isn’t for the faint of heart. Why did you become an entrepreneur? Matias: I was after freedom, and I wanted to be able to express myself. I wanted to achieve more than a regular employee normally can. Ossi: It’s in my genes! Comes from the...

Constant products, constant innovation from FitWood of Scandinavia

  Since FitWood’s launch in late 2015, the company has developed and brought nine products to market. Six new products are planned by next annual year-end, with more than 40 on the long-term horizon. Outside funding through Invesdor is key to support continual...

Changes in the team

Building a winning team sometimes requires change. Antti Heiska has been working as FitWood’s Export Manager since late last year. He has been released by management during the trial period, has returned his keys at the beginning of this week, and will not continue in...

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