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Training instructions:

M-ROLL 35 Massage roller

It’s great that you are interested in training with our M-ROLL 35 Massage roller. Please find training instructions from this page. Please follow this page also in the future as more instructions are coming!

1. Hamstring

Place the foam roller on the back of your thigh. Put your hands on the side for support. Roll back and forth stopping at the points of tension.
You can also extend the massage to the side on your thigh by changing your position as the picture shows.

2. Back

Place the foam roller behind your back. Now put your hands behind your head and raise your hips off the ground. Slowly roll back and forth using your legs, and stop at points of tension.

3. Axillary area

Lay on your side and place the foam roller slightly lower than your armpit. You can put your other arm in front of your body for support. Gently roll back and forth.

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