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Training instructions:

Adult gym rings

It’s great that you are interested in training with our ADULT GYM RINGS. Please find training instructions from this page. Please follow this page also in the future as more instructions are coming!

1. Push-Ups with Gym Rings

2. Ring Dips

The figure below shows ring dips on a staircase, but the same exercise can also be achieved by placing legs on a chair, for example.

3. Ring Rows

Lean back towards the ground and place your feet firmly against a wall or stair, for example. For ring rows, you get greater resistance when the rings are lower and less resistance when the straps are shortened and rings are higher. In the starting position keep the hands straight and then go into a pulling motion by pulling the shoulder blades towards each other. Keep the torso straight the whole time throughout the movement.

When you have pulled up into the rowing position, your shoulder blades should be tightly together and arms bent.

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