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Training instructions:

TROLLVEGGEN Chin bar – Assisted chin ups, push ups and dips

It’s great that you are interested in training with our TROLLVEGGEN Chin bar. Please find training instructions from this page. Please follow this page also in the future as more instructions are coming!

Below is a short instructional video made by sprinter Hanna-Maari Latvala for Assisted chin ups, push ups and dips using Trollveggen Chin Bar. You can find more training instructions from the pictures and texts below.

Push ups

TROLLVEGGEN Chin bar can also be used as a tool for push ups. Place the chin bar on the floor as the picture below shows. Take a firm grip from the bar and raise yourself up on your heels. Keep your torso, and especially your back straight, and start to lower yourself towards the floor. Your chest should touch the floor during the “down position”.

When doing push ups, it’s important to keep in mind these things:

  1. Keep your body straight. Concentrate keeping your hips straight, and not to let it slip downwards. At the same time keep in mind that you shouldn’t either hold your hips too high.
  2. Don’t spread your elbows too much on the sides. Avoid forming a shape of the letter “T” with your body.
  3. Remember to do each push up properly by going all the way down each time.

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