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Training instructions:

TROLLVEGGEN Chin bar – Pull ups and chin ups

It’s great that you are interested in training with our TROLLVEGGEN Chin bar. Please find training instructions from this page. Please follow this page also in the future as more instructions are coming!

Below is a short instructional video made by sprinter Hanna-Maari Latvala for pull ups and chin ups using Trollveggen Chin Bar. You can find more training instructions from the pictures and texts below.

Pull ups

Place TROLLVEGGEN Chin bar firmly onto the door frame, as shown in the instructions of the product. Take a good grip of the bar with a supinated grip (as shown in the picture). Begin the exercise at the bottom of the movement with your arms stretched straight. Start to lift yourself up, at the top your chin should reach right on top of the bar. After reaching the top, start to lower yourself back to the bottom of the movement.

You can also do pull ups with different grips. You can take a look at the pictures below, there you can see pull ups done with pronated grip and so called neutral grip. The difference between various grips is the way they train your muscles as well as how challenging they are to complete. For example pull ups done with pronated grip require more strength from your back muscles than for example pull ups done with supinated grip.

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