KJERAG exercise wheel / ab roller – birch wood, grey aluminium handle, grey covering – product photo | FitWood of Scandinavia
KJERAG exercise wheel / ab roller – white wood, black aluminium handle, black covering – in bedroom with white interior | FitWood of ScandinaviaKJERAG exercise wheel / ab roller – birch wood, stainless steel handle, grey covering – in Scandinavian design living room | FitWood of Scandinavia
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Tired of hiding your plastic ab-wheel from the guests, or that special someone? KJERAG blends beautifully with your decor. Now you can perform effective ab rollouts regularly with the KJERAG always at your fingertips.

Select your favourite colors and features from the menu below and enjoy traditional Scandinavian style!

125 £

KJERAG is an exercise wheel that is designed to complement your interior decor. Using an exercise wheel for ab rollouts is one of the most powerful ways to strengthen abdominal muscles. Now you can keep your exercise wheel at your fingertips, because there’s no need to stuff it into the closet after a workout!


The handle is made of anodized aluminium (black/grey) or polished stainless steel, depending on the colour option of your choice.


The disc of the exercise wheel is birch plywood with a transparent lacquer or solid white paint.


The rim of the exercise wheel is covered in Finnish molded polyurethane. Manufacturing in Finland ensures that the polyurethane is free from dangerous compounds, strong and doesn’t leave marks on the floor.

The KJERAG exercise wheel has been designed and manufactured entirely in Finland.

Join us and begin performing ab rollouts in Scandinavian style!

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 25.3 x 20.3 x 5.2 cm

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Very Good. Just like a new product after 6 months of use.

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Works well and looks like in the pictures.

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