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FitWood is an innovative startup that is seeking rapid international growth. Our exercise equipment utilises Scandinavian design as well as Finnish manufacturing and wood as a raw material. The company has arranged successful investment rounds and as a result there are several experienced business professionals in the owner group and in the board of members.

In addition to open-minded product design, we invest in a strong presence online and in social media channels. At the centre of our business is also the organisation of production through a strong network of subcontractors. We seek a high level of customer satisfaction from our inspiring and sustainable products as well as through our uncompromising customer service. Do our thoughts and ideas mesh with your worldview and values?

As a growing business, we are highly likely to have needs for new recruitments. If you are highly skilled, our concept ignites you and you feel that you have a lot to offer us, please feel free to contact us and introduce yourself!

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