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This announcement addresses the Swedish Consumer Agency’s decision concerning the LUOTO climbing arch and KAURA cushion sold by Jollyroom. Emphasizing the significance of family safety and well-being, the company is committed to providing transparent and precise information.

It is announced that the LUOTO climbing arch and KAURA cushion adhere to all mandatory EU directives (2001/95/EC and 2009/48/EC) and regulations applicable to children’s products. These items have successfully undergone all necessary testing and conform to the highest safety standards, including EN 71-1, -2, -3, -8, as recognized across the European Union.

In reference to the recall, it was the Swedish Consumer Agency’s determination to withdraw the LUOTO climbing arch and KAURA cushion from the Swedish market, a decision that Jollyroom respected and followed. This action was influenced by a 2021 incident involving the Alice & Fox Balansbro, a different product from Jollyroom’s range, which failed to meet the EN 71-8 standard after an accident where a child was injured. Although the LUOTO climbing arch has passed the EN 71-8 standard test, demonstrating its safety, the incident precipitated broader safety concerns that led to the proactive recall decision. For detailed information on the Alice & Fox Balansbro incident, please refer to the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/safety-gate-alerts/screen/webReport/alertDetail/10005437?lang=en.

Regarding the additional safety concerns raised by the Swedish Consumer Agency, here is more detailed information on each issue:

Concerning the potential risk of fingers and toes getting caught between the floor and the beam, there exists a minimal risk of pinching. However, strict adherence to the instruction manual can significantly mitigate this risk. It is recommended that the product be used on a soft carpet and that the rocker position is employed solely with the KAURA cushion, which help to reduce the likelihood of pinching incidents. Furthermore, the product has successfully passed the EN 71-1 EU standard test, validating its safety for use in rocking activities. This includes compliance with section of the rocking horse standard tests, which specifically addresses pinching risks.

Regarding the concern of entanglement with the arch’s protruding corner posts, this issue has been thoroughly evaluated during the EN 71-8 EU standard testing, which the product has passed. This certification affirms the product’s safety for use. Additionally, users are advised to avoid wearing loose clothing while engaging with the product to eliminate any risk of entanglement, a precaution that is clearly outlined in the product’s instruction manual.

The cushion’s safety has been thoroughly validated, as it has successfully passed the EN 71-1 test, ensuring its safe use when guidelines are followed. Specifically designed for the rocker position, the cushion must be securely fastened to the bars as outlined in the instructional manual. This adherence to instructions significantly mitigates any risk of entanglement, underscoring the product’s safety when used correctly.

The company remains dedicated to working in concert with the Swedish Consumer Agency to further elevate product safety, meeting and surpassing the stringent expectations set forth by the agency. The company reaffirms that the LUOTO climbing arch and KAURA cushion are deemed safe for consumer use, having met all lab safety standards for children’s products as per EU directives and regulations. Consumers are encouraged to continue using the product with assured confidence.

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