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Maintaining an active lifestyle without compromising on
home décor

Wood has always been a vital material for Scandinavians. In addition to being a durable and versatile raw material, its use in interior design has also been found to have positive health effects. Touching a wooden surface has a heart rate lowering effect and it calms both the mind and the body. Furthermore, studies show that using wood in interior design reduces stress and the feeling of fatigue. Wood can improve the quality of sleep and even the quality of air inside the house.

And after all, wood is a beautiful material for home decor elements. Wooden furniture bring nature closer to us and are often the most ecological choice due to the durability of the material. In exercise equipment wood ensures a good grip and a pleasant feel throughout the workout. When a home training set up is not only comfortable to use but also beautiful to look at maintaining an active lifestyle is easy and exhilarating.

In our opinion, the interior of a home should not have to be compromised in order to maintain an active lifestyle, but exercise equipment should naturally blend into the interior. An active lifestyle is small choices, activity in the midst of everyday chores and consideration for both mental and physical well-being. With our wooden home gym equipment you can support your well-being holistically, as they give strength to both the mind and the body.

Proudly and lovingly
crafted in Finland

We founded FitWood because we were never satisfied with the equipment available, we wanted something sturdier and more beautiful. Every FitWood product is carefully designed and assembled in Finland with the abundance of high quality and renewable wood from the northern forests.

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