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Our Story

In Scandinavia, we believe in a lifestyle connected to nature. Hard work and play in our beautiful landscapes and wild forests has kept generations of Nordic people strong, happy and fit. Those themes have been at the core of our inspiration.

FitWood began

when we realised that exercise equipment doesn’t have to look awful. Throughout history, wood has been a vital resource for Scandinavians, and it also makes a versatile and beautiful material for interior decoration. With years of experience as entrepreneurs in fitness, wellness, and personal competitive sports, we came to realize what great things could be done with wood grown in the Nordic region.

For years, we’ve been concerned

about fitness equipment manufacturing and expertise being outsourced to lower-cost countries. This isn’t just bad for us — it’s bad for you, too. For fitness equipment, it means that the market is dominated by low-cost and low-quality products, with little attention paid on appearance, quality, or sustainability.

We founded FitWood because

we wanted to create stylish and durable fitness equipment that looks great in your home. Instead of being hidden away, the equipment can stay in plain view. That means it’s easier for you to train in the middle of daily activities and therefore easier to keep a regular routine — the most important predictor of long term progress.

As much as possible

our products are manufactured from Nordic materials and are crafted with Scandinavian flair. Our products are made in Finland, predominantly from Finnish raw-materials. It’s clear that we can’t price our products on par with those constructed of the cheapest materials. Nonetheless, we aim to use efficient operating methods to price our products reasonably and make them accessible for everyone’s workout.

Join us for a workout

Designed fitness equipment in Scandinavian style!

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