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ULPU gym rings

(12 customer reviews)

ULPU gym rings

(12 customer reviews)

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ULPU gym rings provide multiple possibilities for building strength and coordination. Because of their instability, gym rings are also an excellent choice for building mobility and balance.

Gym rings are a wonderful exercise tool for example for body weight rowing, muscle ups and different ab exercises. They can also be used for adding challenge to traditional body weight exercises, such as planks and lunges, or to assist with more challenging exercises like pistol squats.

Gym rings offer a fun and dynamic way to move, which is why they’re a favorite with kids. Playing with gym rings improves kids’ strength and coordination while having fun.

We also offer kid-sized gym rings (ULPU MINI) for our mini users so they can also safely enjoy and play with the gym rings. Despite their smaller size they have the same user weight limit as the full-sized rings, so they are safe for the whole family to use.

ULPU gym rings are made of sustainably sourced birch plywood. The wooden surface provides the most comfortable and firmest grip. The gym rings come with durable FitWood straps, which can be used to attach the gym rings to the ceiling or for example to our AARNI wall bars. Recommended installation width for the gym rings is approximately 50 centimeters.

ULPU gym rings’ measurements comply with the official standards of gym rings. For more detailed information and measurements check out “Additional information”.

You can choose from five different color variations of the ULPU gym rings:
• birch
• white waxed
• white
• black

The straps have two different color variations you can choose from:
• white with beige FitWood logo
• black with white FitWood logo

ULPU gym rings are designed and made in Finland. They are designed to support an active lifestyle without compromising on design or sustainable values.

Please make sure the gym rings are properly installed and that the straps are secure before every use. Check the straps regularly for any damage. Young kids should only use the gym rings under adult supervision.

You can find detailed instructions for installing and safe use of the gym rings from the user manual. Download it here!

ULPU gym rings have a warranty of two years (one year for semi-commercial and commercial use). Also, we do our best to provide spare parts even after the warranty has expired.


Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 22 × 5 cm

1 kg / 2.2 lbs


28 mm / 1.1"

Outside diameter

236 mm / 9.29"

Inside diameter

180 mm / 7.09"

Straps dimensions

Length 500 cm / 196.8"
Width 2.5 cm / 0.98"

Weight limit

150 kg / 330 lbs


Birch plywood


Two-year warranty for private use.


12 reviews for ULPU gym rings

  1. Claire

    These are so fun! Great quality and lovely aesthetic

  2. slp4asd

    Rings are great. Wish straps were different.

  3. Nicolai

    Great quality and fast delivery.

  4. Taira

    My kids love the rings along with the ladder!

  5. Spencer

    Nice wood, good quality, the straps are a common cam buckle strap similar to an NRS strap.

  6. Martin

    Nice white wood, feels good.

  7. Bryant

    Excellent crafted rings (wood). Long straps that can be adjusted quickly and easily. With me, the bands withstand the load (approx. 80kg body weight) without giving way.

  8. Simon

    Awesome product and looks high quality

  9. Dominic

    I love the touch of the wooden surface. It is a lovely experience!

  10. Larissa

    I love my rings and it goes well with the room decor!

  11. Simon

    Awesome product and looks high quality

  12. Fabio

    I love the touch of the wooden surface. It is a lovely experience!

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