Shipping terms & conditions

1) Ordering

1.1 You can subscribe to our online store, phone, or e-mail.

1.2 When placing an order the customer must always notify:
a) a consumer’s name, address, email address, postal address and telephone number or telephone numbers.
b) a corporate client, your company name, contact name, email address, mailing address, business ID and telephone number or telephone numbers.

1.3 The Customer agrees with every order each existing contract, ordering and delivery terms and conditions relating to deliveries.

1.4 FitWood Ltd’s customer register is confidential and FitWood Ltd has the right to use it as provided for in the Consumer Protection Act.

1.5 Registered customers can log on and subscribe to the old ID. The customer when ordering for the first time for him to create names and contact information is added to the customer database.

1.6 Communication on order and delivery issues takes place by e-mail and telephone.
1.7 The trade agreement will enter into force when the customer has submitted an order.

1.8 We reserve the right to restrict the sale of products in batches – due to the poor availability of such..

1.9 FitWood Ltd’s liability poor availability, government restrictions or import of the product or if the order can not otherwise be able to provide, is always limited to trade demolition and restoration of the money may be paid in advance.

1.10 All FitWood Ltd’s products sold are sold as they are. Make sure you understand the product data sheet on our website.

1.11 If the consumer customer wants a product refund of the Consumer Protection Act, citing tuotepalaukseen, must be returned within 14 days of back FitWood Ltd. Before the refund will be in contact with FitWood Ltd’s customer service or operate the website in accordance with the instructions found on the repayment. If the client due to the recovery of costs, since refund is not made in accordance with the instructions, do not FitWood Ltd be liable.

1.12 In clear product or price error cases FitWood Ltd may rely on an error, such as if there is not such an obvious mistake that the customer should have understood the existence of an error. In this case, FitWood Ltd is a contact with the customer and ship the order without correction.

1.13 FitWood Ltd is not responsible for any errors in reporting dealers.

1.14 FitWood Ltd reserves the right to choose their customers.

2) Prices

2.1 The rates are inclusive of VAT, but not shipping cost.

2.2 Shipping costs are determined depending on the time of the adoption order of delivery, as well as the weight of the order and size.

2.3 Product information All products displayed on our website. Product Information task due to an error the return is free of charge and return must be made within a reasonable time after the error has been detected or should have been discovered. Please contact customer service before a refund or make a refund in accordance with the instructions provided by the site.

2.4 In cases of manifest error in the price of cases FitWood Ltd may rely on an error, such as if there is not such an obvious mistake that the customer should have understood the existence of an error.

3) Payment

3.1.1 Consumer methods of payment: Internet banking offered by Paytrailin, credit card payments, as well as fall and Paypal payment methods.

3.1.2 corporate and institutional forms of payment: Internet banking offered by Paytrailin, credit card payments, as well as case by case basis the decline 7-14 day payment condition.

3.2.1 Payments through Luottokunta
If the payment is done through the Paytrailin Nets (ex. Credit county), payment methods, FitWood Ltd will act solely as the marketer of products and services and will provide the products to the buyer. FitWood Ltd is solely responsible for the marketing, supply and handling of possible reclamations. You can, if necessary, the complaint also shows Paytrail Corporation.

Paytrail Corporation operates through Nets (formerly the credit base.) Payments that are made of the product and the trade transaction is between the customer and the Paytrail Corporation between. Seller is responsible for all obligations relating to trade. Paytrail Corporation is also the recipient.

Paytrail Oyj Business ID: 2122839-7
Innova 2, Lutakko Square 7
40100 Jyväskylä
+358 600 41005

3.2.2 Online Banking
Online banking Payments place Paytrail Corporation through. For the customer the service functions like a conventional online payment.

3.2.3 Businesses, communities, municipalities and the State has the option to purchase by invoice, subject to certain conditions. Terms and conditions can be negotiated case by case basis.

3.3 Invoicing a Client does not need to apply separately, but make sure the credit information with every order. If you have not purchased earlier, please provide us with written authorization to the employer to begin with the right to shop by invoice, if you do not belong to the company’s board. Check contains receive at the delivery of the invoice. If you receive at the delivery does not include the bills and you do not receive it by post within five working days, please contact FitWood Ltd.

3.4 If your employer is to pay by invoice or delivery address differs from the billing address, please provide this free-form power of attorney to us. Deliver the power of attorney to us immediately after the submission of the order, otherwise the order processing is delayed.

3.5 Svea Invoice consumers and pins

Svea Ekonomi eKauppa (later Svea) gives you the option to purchase purchases against an invoice at least 14 days of payment. If you choose to pay by Svea invoice, you will receive your purchases pins. Please register your points at Please note the following:
– When you select the option “pay bill” will check your credit report is your personal identification number against.
– Shopaholics delivery is made to an address that can be found in the population register or if you are using the so-called. strong authentication access codes (TUPAS), ostoksiesi delivery takes place in the given shipping address.
– Interest on late payments is 7% + reference rate under the Interest Act. Maksuhuomautuksesta charge of 5 euros.
– The buyer must be at least 18 years.

To change the Invoice a loan
You have the option to change the fall as the credit by paying the said bill Minimum batch. Behind the first bill you will find credit more detailed terms of credit. You can make additional purchases whenever you have a credit limit and pay the remaining parts of the transaction under the terms of the credit agreement. The credit you can pay at any time, completely out with no additional costs. Luottoosi connection, you can always contact the customer service phone number 09 4242 3330 or

Check out the advance credit terms and conditions, as well as the standard form of the European Consumer Credit Information Save and / or print these conditions yourself.

3.6 Svea payment for consumers and pins

Svea Ekonomi eKauppa (later Svea) offers you the opportunity to pay for purchases parts. If you choose to pay by Svea partial payment, you will receive your purchases pins. Please register your points at

You can purchase parts on credit, when you accept credit-granting and fulfill your social security number at checkout. When using the so-called. strong authentication access codes (TUPAS), ostoksiesi delivery takes place to the desired delivery address, otherwise the shopping delivered can be found in the population register this address.

Credit time you select the best fit. Credit should be managed within the agreed time. It requires that you pay less than the agreed amount on a monthly basis. Of course you can also pay the entire loan off at once without costs unused credit period.

For your home loan agreement (2 copies), which you must sign and return it to second Svealle. At the same time you can also get credit for more terms and conditions that you agree to your signature.
Luottoosi connection, you can always contact the customer service phone number 09 4242 3330 or

If the fees are not paid, and we have not been contacted management fee, we will transfer debts recovered in accordance with the terms of the Consumer Protection Act. Further information about the conditions and the service you receive from our customer service. Read more detailed conditions for this. Check out the advance credit conditions to both standard European consumer credit data through the above link. Save and / or print these conditions yourself.

For more information on distance selling and on the Internet concerning the trade to get the Consumer Agency’s website or borrowing, which you can find at Svea complies with the Personal Data Protection Act. Also, this additional information can be found in the Consumer Agency’s website.

Svea Ekonomi AB, filial i Finland
2 Atomitie C
00370 Helsinki

Phone: 09 4242 3092

4) Delivery

4.1 FitWood Ltd delivers orders in an average processing time of 1-5 working days, unless otherwise stated. Product normal transit time for 1-2 days. We aim to inform, if the product is processing more than 5 days. Some erikoistilaus- or novelty products have a longer delivery time. Also, pre-order sold products delivery time is longer.

4.2 During the transport of goods FitWood Ltd customer is responsible for FitWood Ltd, if the goods are damaged or lost during transport. During the transport of goods from the customer a piece of variable FitWood Ltd is the customer or the carrier is liable if the goods are damaged or lost during transport. Consumer sales responsibility for damage of the goods is FitWood Ltd has in all cases.

4.3 If the customer receives a damaged product delivery, the customer has a claimed without delay, as well as the transportation company that FitWood Ltd. If damage is present transport received for delivery package must be transport company waybill booking indication of damage.

4.4 The customer sends the goods FitWood Ltd. Tuotepalautuksena for example, will return the documents and the transport company’s receipt of a copy / tracking number to keep in a safe place. Please contact our customer service before the product or refund follow the above instructions back to us.

4.5 The lack of availability of one product does not require FitWood Ltd to afford the other the same order products. We require that your order as soon as the products available to the consumer must be able to submit no later than three weeks from the order and the consumer will have to accept poorly in the second delivery of the product to be available in the product or the withdrawal of the order.

4.6 large shipments volume or weight delivered Kaukokiito transport. Distribution takes place in the courtyard in the immediate vicinity of a delivery vehicle.

4.7 Specific Areas shipped to the delivery to charge a separate fee. This is the case, for example, the Visitor. If you want to make sure whether your region specific pricing, please contact Customer Service.

5) Refund

5.1 The consumer customer has a 14 day return and exchange policy package delivery or takeout ordering takeout from the time (including weekends and holidays, not including pick-up day). Product must be returned or exchanged up to 14: th day following the business day, that is, if the 14th is a Saturday, for example, is the product mailed or brought no later than Monday.

5.2 The mail order business right of return only applies to unused and sellable products. Recovery During the consumer has a right of access to the product and try it in the same way as he would do when buying movement of goods. Consumers can also open the packaging to investigate and experiment with stuff without losing the right of withdrawal. He can not, however, to use the product.

5.3 The right to return does not apply to open the sale of unsuitable products.

5.4 For business customers in certain products, there is no return or cancellation right order.

5.5 Restoration of the consumer free of charge and take place using the customer a refund either Post or Matkahuolto. Submitted by other delivery methods used in products in the supply the way in which the product was originally supplied.

5.6 Purchase or pick it shall be deemed to be the date on which the package is distributed or retrieved from the transport company, or, alternatively, the date of receipt. The customer is obliged to prove the date on which the package has been purchased, for example, the Post or Matkahuolto Kaukokiito receipt or bill of lading form.

5.7 If, in exceptional cases FitWood Ltd accepts unsaleable, or lack of recovery time to exceed the return of the product, your expenses will be charged at least 25% of the price of the product.

5.8 The definitions of acceptable product refund:
a) The product is in its original package (well-packed) without any additional indications or traces.
b) There is a copy of the receipt / referral.
c) The return is made not later than 14 days from the date of purchase.

5.9 needless returns we charge the cost of the existing customer tariff.

5.10 Incomplete returns will send back to the customer’s expense.

5.11 The right of return is always product-specific and may delay the delivery of another product the right to receive a longer time to return to another product.

5.12 in returns from abroad, shipping costs the customer pays for itself.

5.13 We do not redeem unpaid, postiennakko- or credit packet transmissions (returns or warranty repairs). Returns and warranty shipments must be made by delivering the product FitWood Ltd independently or customer return by mail, Matkahuolto or Kaukokiito, depending on what companies are originally used for the delivery of the product. Returns above-mentioned companies are using the sender free of charge Finland-mail. Other delivery methods used abroad or sending FitWood Ltd is not responsible for the shipping costs.

5.14 When a client sends FitWood Ltd something, he or she remembered to pack the package well and the delivery of a sustainable way. FitWood Ltd does not accept the return of the product, if the refund is not packed properly.

5.15 The products Incomplete or incorrectly submitted for warranty service will send the customer’s expense back.

5.16 needless returns we charge the cost of the existing customer tariff. Recovery is inappropriate, if the product is intact, it is not a warranty or covered by the return time or return / definition of warranty repairs would not otherwise be met. Finding the defective product / component subpacket is a separate surcharge. We charge the expenses not guarantee a third party, such as repair estimates.

6) Warranty

6.1 Consumer Available in all our products come with a two year warranty. The guarantor is responsible for ensuring that the product works of the period.

6.2 FitWood Ltd is responsible only to itself its resolution of warranty and disclaim issuing dealer for longer guarantee periods. Exceptional product-specific warranty periods FitWood Ltd’s product literature.

6.3 FitWood Ltd’s obligation to take care of the product warranty is limited to general error is always the provisions of Chapter 5 of the Consumer Protection Act.

6.4 All warranty returns are tested first, and is performed while you wait or instant guarantee of only an additional cost. The guarantee is conditional on the use of the product in accordance with the recommendations and instructions. FitWood Ltd may be released from warranty liability if found probable that the deterioration or breakage of the product due to accident or improper use of the goods.

6.5 The warranty does not cover the inappropriate use of the product. The inappropriate use of, inter alia, the use of the product intended for home use for professional or semiprofessional use. Making changes to the product or its Remedying always denied by the warranty.

6.6 If the product is damaged due to 6.5 or 6.6 point, someone in point, the product return will be refunded to the customer and the customer will be charged the prevailing handling fee and shipping costs.

6.7 in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer must inform the guarantor of the error within a reasonable time after the buyer discovered or ought to have discovered it.

6.8 Maintenance is always carried out FitWood Ltd by the authorized party or FitWood Ltd. On-Site service has been performed other than individually by agreement.

6.9 We do not as a rule take care of warranty repair of any product while you wait, but the product warranty service is handled Consumer Protection Act defined within a reasonable time.

The Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §: The register in accordance with

FitWood Ltd
Kohmankaari 3,
33310 Tampere

Responsible for the register contact
Matias Kukkonen

Name of the register customer register

Purpose of processing personal data
The register is used only FitWood Ltd, customer relationship maintenance with the customer. Placing an order does not require registration in the customer register.

Data content
The personal data stored customer register is used for order processing, marketing and customer relationship management issues.

Regular sources of information
Contact information stored in the connection with the customer’s registration. Other information stored in the customer to make purchases online.

Disclosure of information
A customer database information is only FitWood Ltd and used its external credit and available billing services. Data are not released FitWood Ltd outside and the use of partners at other times, as in matters of credit, collection and invoicing. Personal data shall not be transferred outside the European Union.

Registry protection
Customer information is stored in password-protected external database server, which is accessible only to company staff.

The customer has the right to check the data relating to him from the register by contacting the registrar.