Worldwide Shipment

We are pleased and proud to announce that FitWood’s fitness products are now also available in Sweden, via its new Swedish online store.

“For us the expansion to Sweden has come naturally. The Swedish people are ahead of the game in terms of design, environmental protection and sustainability. So, it’s very important for us to establish a good relationship with Swedes, to ensure and continue the development of high-quality fitness equipment, but also to offer something new to modern Swedish homes,” said Matias Kukkonen, CEO and co-founder of FitWood of Scandinavia.

It’s no secret that customer reaction to two of the newest products has been good, considering that Finnish-born NHL star Aleksander Barkov has been involved in their development.

Robust training equipment made of Finnish birch, hardened by biting winters and designed to blend in with Scandinavian homes, is welcome in an otherwise stagnant industry where most production is outsourced to low-cost countries, where labor isn’t always ethical. Given that Swedes are becoming more health conscious but busier at the same time, home training offers a valuable solution to the problem.

It comes as no surprise that FitWood has broken into the Swedish market, considering that Swedish investment in FitWood has lead to Swedish-Finnish ownership of the company.

Before the Swedish launch, the company received inquiries from both distributors, gyms and individuals — confirming the public interest in the innovation FitWood products offer.

Stay up to date in FitWood’s attempt to improve the world with Scandinavian inspired, sustainable fitness equipment for the home.