Worldwide Shipment

FitWood has received an order from Germany-based retailer Sport-Tiedje that operates in seven countries accross Europe. Sport-Tiedje has a network of approximately 70 stores backed with strong online channels. They define themselves as “Europe’s #1 in fitness”, being a fitness-specialized retailer with over EUR 100 Million annual turnover and strong growth.

Sport-Tiedje was founded in 1984 by table tennis player Ulrich Tiedje. Tiedje was later joined by Christian Grau, who now owns the company as its sole shareholder. This ensures a consistent influence and vision through the company, which was an early adopter of online sales (1999).

Matias Kukkonen, FitWood CEO, stated: “This new partnership with Sport-Tiedje is a big opening for FitWood and, as such, much anticipated. What makes it especially interesting for us, is their sales track record in the high end fitness equipment category. It seems that Sport-Tiedje has customers in the niche target group that will most likely purchase our products. In addition, the wide coverage accross the Europe is an opportunity for us. Based on the loyalty of our present customers, we expect a strong, ongoing relationship with Sport-Tiedje and see it as an important foothold in Europe for our future development. Moreover, Sport-Tiedje has cultivated great values towards all its stakeholders and their respectful way to cooperate has made an impression on me personally.”

Sport-Tiedje’s close relationship with trends and changes in the industry is what has made them the largest home fitness retailer in Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Netherlands). Their interest in FitWood of Scandinavia is a good indication, and sends a message about the future of sustainability and design in fitness. You will find FitWood products in Sport-Tiedje’s selection on their website.