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HALLA massage roller

Massage roller
HALLA massage roller
HALLA massage roller
HALLA massage roller
HALLA massage roller
Massage roller

HALLA massage roller



HALLA massage roller is an ideal tool for body maintenance, massage, and Pilates exercises. Due to its compact size, it can easily fit in your bag or stay within arm’s reach at home, as this beautiful natural cork massage roller is an interior element in itself.

Rolling is an efficient way to warm up or recover after a workout. With the multifunctional HALLA massage roller, you can open up tense muscles, improve mobility, train abs and it may help you prevent injuries. The roller is also ideal for relieving back pain and for relaxing different parts of the body.

HALLA is made of 100% recycled and recyclable cork, an eco-friendly and renewable natural material that aligns with our values. The cork material makes the roller dense and durable and provides better resistance when rolling than traditional plastic foam rollers. If you want to reduce the rolling sensation, you can roll, for example, a thin yoga mat or towel around it.

The HALLA massage roller can also be purchased with the ALAVA balance board. With ALAVA, you can improve core control, coordination and balance and increase the difficulty of common home exercises. Read more about ALAVA from this link.


Additional information


0,8 kg / 2.2 lbs


35 cm / 13.8''


10 cm / 3.9''


10 cm / 3.9''


Natural cork


Two-year warranty for private use.



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