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LUOTO stool

LUOTO stool

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LUOTO stool is a versatile companion for our beloved LUOTO climbing arch. Together, they create a beautiful workstation that is ideal for 6- to 11-year-old children, but that’s not all. Flip it upside down, and it transforms into a goal for throwing balls, adding an exciting element of active play to your child’s routine. Like its namesake climbing arch, the LUOTO stool is designed to complement any room of the home as a timeless piece of furniture instead of being suitable only for the kids’ room. Besides working as a stool and goal for children, the abstract composition of LUOTO allows it to be used for example as a small side table, plant stand, or bedside table.

When used as a goal, LUOTO helps to develop children’s hand-eye coordination and supports diverse muscle development. As a workstation with the LUOTO climbing arch, the two create a perfect setup for activities such as crafting and drawing, which are great for developing your child’s fine motor skills, creativity, and concentration. With its many functions and carefully crafted streamlined design, the LUOTO stool is a product that transforms and adapts to new purposes time after time.

LUOTO stool is made from sustainably sourced high-quality birch plywood in the EU. It is available in natural birch, painted white and beige.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 41 × 39 × 7 cm

2,8kg / 6,2lbs


30cm / 11,8''


30cm / 11,8''


38cm / 15''

Weight Limit

100 kg / 220 lbs


Two-year warranty for private use.


birch plywood, aspen



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