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General Safety Guidelines for All Products

By using this product, you acknowledge and agree to obey the following instructions and warnings. Your continued use signifies your acceptance and understanding of these guidelines. Please read carefully to ensure the safety and longevity of your product.

• Always follow the instruction manual before assembling or using any FitWood product.
• Ensure routinely that all parts of the product are securely tightened and check for wear, damage, or defects prior to use.
• Use products strictly for their intended purpose and in a spacious environment.
• Always ensure there is ample space around the product to prevent collisions or accidents, and ensure safe movement.
• Keep products away from fire or extreme heat sources.
• Store products in a cool, dry place, avoiding excessive moisture or outdoor elements. Avoid contact with water as it may damage the wood.
• Do not consume, chew, eat, bite, lick, tear, or attempt to disassemble any part of the product.
• Ensure your hands are clean, dry, and free from oils or lotions. Always wear suitable attire and footwear, such as anti-slip socks or shoes.
• Avoid inserting fingers, toes, or head into any openings or underneath the product to prevent entrapment.
• Always supervise children during use and teach them the correct way to use the product. It is important to explain, particularly to young children, the intended use of the product, what potential risks it entails, and how to prevent them. As with all activities, the parent or other supervising adult bears responsibility for any injuries or damage to property. FitWood is not liable for any property damage, bodily injury, or other harm caused by the use of the product.
• Only adults should adjust, switch, move, or reposition the product. Ensure the product is used on a stable and flat surface. Place a mat or carpet under the product to prevent slipping, sliding, or floor damage, unless othewise specified.
• Be cautious when adjusting or setting up any product to ensure user safety.
• Limit the use to one person at a time and always prioritize safety.
• Avoid wearing loose clothes, and be cautious not to get trapped, stuck, or strangled by any part of the product or its strings and cords.
• Do not combine the product with other products unless they are intended to be used together.
• Do not throw the product or use it to harm others.
• Do not stand, run, walk, climb, or jump on the product unless otherwise specified.
• Clear the product away after use to avoid tripping hazards.
• Keep small parts away from children to prevent choking hazards.
• Beware of potential head bump risks in tunnel-like setups.
• Avoid excessive rocking and always stop the rocking motion before getting off.
• Only open the zipper for washing or maintenance.
• Do not ingest or inhale the filling.
• Never use the product to apply pressure or smother anyone.
• The product should be used with caution, as a certain level of skills are required to avoid potential falls.
• Do not exceed the recommended weight limit. Going beyond this can lead to damage, breakage, and potential injury.
• If any discomfort or pain arises during use, stop immediately and consult with a medical professional if necessary.
• Do not use under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substances.

Additional Product Warnings:
• LUOTO climbing arch: Beware of stepping between the rungs, and never use the product to confine a child.
• TUOHI Slide Ramp: Ensure it is properly attached and avoid excessively steep angles.
• AARNI, TAIMI and TAIMI MINI Wall Bars: Stay within comfort levels when climbing and always use padding below.
Ensure secure wall attachment and avoid placing your head between the rungs.
• ULPU and ULPU MINI Gym Rings: Always use both rings for hanging. Do not hang from the ropes.
• ALAVA Balance Board: Use only with the designated HALLA roller and ensure safety to prevent falls.
• HALLA massage roller: Always apply a comfortable amount of pressure and avoid using excessive force.
• HAVU pull-up bar: Ensure your door frames are suitable for the product prior to use.

FitWood Ltd. reserves the right to periodically update this document to reflect changes in safety guidelines, product usage recommendations, and legal requirements. Users are encouraged to regularly check our official website ( for the most up-to-date version of this document to ensure continued compliance and safe product usage.